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Friday, July 30, 2010

past, present, and future

hello again. In these past months I have undergone quite a transformation. In addition to permanently moving to England I have married my teenage sweetheart and am now settling down into what every woman does after marriage... nesting. And you know what that means?! A regular blog post filled with everything I've been up to and will continue to create! Finally I'm getting down to business as I've been trying to do for quite a while now.

So lets begin shall we? Starting with the buildup to the wedding and working its way forward each day: A few months before the wedding date I moved into our new apartment and was tasked with outfitting it. With a budget of practically zero Jon and I had to be creative and rely on the donations of our loving friends and family.We accumulated quite a bit of goodies (to our delight!) and put in some hard man hours to make our first place a warm and creative environment.

We stumbled upon a few moldy, rusty, and dingy lawn chairs and turned them into mod cobalt blue metallic beauties which I love.

Next we found a set of 5 vintage velour danish modern chairs for £20. The previous owners were both pet owners and smokers so they had a bit of an... "odour". I tried my hand at recovering one for our office, or what we actually call the "Roosevelt Room" for some odd reason.
 A family friend gave us a dresser on wheels which, because I'm in love with color lately, decided to paint... I still haven't finished. I started it in May. Eek!

 As time progresses and word spreads that we're on the hunt for home wares more and more vintage goodies pour in and we couldn't be more delighted. Now that the home is settled the next step is wedding decor! Until next time, happy creating!

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  1. I had no idea that your husband was your teenage sweetheart!? I LOVE your blog!!!