I could say blogging is like daily affirmations. But for me its mostly a way of documenting what I love most- being artistic. I hope it brings you a little inspiration.

Monday, December 7, 2009

an Elvis Perkins kind of Monday.

Okay I'll admit it. I've never blogged before and previously had, until very recently, been against it. I've been a rebel against the progression of technology only to realize that trying to make it as an artist requires one to make certain changes to one's previous beliefs. Revelation! So now... I blog. Not begrudgingly mind you but with an air of excitement and hope that I'll be able to demonstrate the reasons for my blog. So why? Well I love crafty people. I love discovering new talented artists and creators and sharing them with friends. Check this photographer out for starters: www.michellemmitchell.com. I met Michelle back when we both worked for a dinner theater in San Francisco. She has a vision that I love- a kind of dreamy reality- and that vision is limitless. Keep an eye on her site, she's going to go far! Here are other examples of her earlier work featuring yours truly and a close friend.